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Local quotes, moving rates, price formation and additional fees questions

What is difference between moving quote and estimate?

After the initial request, we can send our recommendation about crew size, truck size, and packing materials with our hourly rates. Moving estimate is feasibly providing the best price and accurate quote for your moving conditions with a not-to-exceed price.

How I can get accurate estimate of my move?

We love to help with Visual, In-Home, and Inventory List estimates. The estimate is the most important step in beginning your moving process.

How are moving costs calculated?

Our prices are based on your moving needs, including the volume of moving projects, destination, and moving date.

Do you have discounted rates?

Our prices might differ during the week and depend on our peak days and current schedule.

What's your company minimum charge policy?

4 hours minimum, than prorated every 15 min +double drive time if it's applied.

Does your residential rates all-inclusive?

Yes. For local residential moves within 25 miles, we offer all-inclusive hourly rates. Also, California CPUC requires following the "Double Driving Time Law." Accordingly, we add the time we spend on the way after loading the truck if the destination is further ≥ than 5 miles. Thereby, when the move is completed, you will pay the only hourly price you were confirmed on the booking process +fuel surcharge +double driving time if it's applied. There is a detailed quote not-to-exceed the price for long-distance residential moves.

What services are included in your all-inclusive rates?

We promise to provide the best price which included: experienced moving crew, truck, wrapping materials, professional tools, dollies, straps bands & cords. Also, we provide using Wardrobe Boxes, Speedpack Boxes and other moving equipment which increases the productivity and speed of your move. Taxes and basic insurance are also included.

What services are not included in your hourly rates?

Usually, packing materials like regular boxes, TV boxes, dish pack boxes, lamp boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc., are not included in hourly rates. Special requests like crating and extra care for long-term storage are not included in hourly rates. At the same time, all materials can be included in the flat rates when we send the special moving quote to you.

Do you have any additional fees?

Additional fees may apply to flights of stairs and items more than 150 pounds. Also, we are obliged to take care of our crew's health, your items' safe, and prevent property damage for any hoisting - we require 4 movers. For heavy items more than 100 lbs - we need 3 movers. For any bulk items - we require 3 movers, and for 3 flights of stairs - we require 4 movers.

Are there any exceptions in your service?

We do not move items with weight >300 lbs, we do not provide hoisting service for items >150 lbs.

Moving & Packing

List of Question and Answers about moving and packing processes.

What's mean packing?

Packing in the moving process means the necessity to pack all items into boxes, crating, special bundles. For residential moving, it concerns kitchen appliances, glassware, books, office supplies & others.

Why I should use packers before moving day?

Firstly, you want to ensure that hired movers have enough packing experience. Secondly, it needs to take time for inventory, but it will be a difficult task on stressful moving days. Also, you won’t have to search and buy overpriced packing supplies by yourself in regular hardware stores.

Do you provide last minute movers?

We do. Our efficient team is ready to help with your same-day move or packing project. This service is especially relevant in the busy moving season. Please contact us anytime to check our availability.

Do you provide labor-only movers?

We do. Bystroff Company is a professional movers San Francisco, and we are ready to help with your labor-only project. Please contact our agents to check our availability.

Do you provide single item movers?

This is not our specialty, however, sometimes we do. Depending on your moving project, we may provide you with a trained crew with a truck. Please contact our team to check our availability and quote.

Do you provide property protection during moving day?

Yes. We can provide door jamb protectors, curb and step ramps, carpet mask, floor runners, masonite boards flooring and other. Requests should make 1-week before the move at least.

Do you offer warehouse storage?

Yes, we do. At Bystroff Moving, we are glad to provide you with all sized storage units before your moving delivery to the final point is done. Short-term and long-term storage services are available. You can reserve storage for your residential moving with a long-distance moving service.

What is insurance options your company offer?

All your items are insured. Here are different valuation options available: released value protection with coverage up to 0.60 cents per pound for items, complete value protection, and third-party insurance. There are a few exceptions that exist by the law for moving liability. Please check carefully FMCSA page to understand valuation and insurance. Our liability is covered by PL and PD policy of $1 000 000. Commercial General Liability of $1 000 000. And Workers' Compensation And Employer's Liability of $1 000 000.

Can I get a COI on moving day?

We are ready to help with following property rules and provide a certificate of liability insurance (COI). You should send us details of who is to request this document with the full name of the manager or person/company name/association name, moving date, and mailing address. Please send us your request at least 7 days before moving day.


Question regarding payments and processing.

How & when I handle payments for my move?

When your move is done, you will receive a copy of the bill, so you should sign & handle payment to the leader person of the moving crew.

What methods of payment your company accept?

We accept cash and all major Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover debit or credit cards.

Does your company require deposits?

Sometimes we do. Depending on each specific moving project, we may request a deposit to provide a reservation.

What is your cancel policy?

We don't have any charges for cancellation. We understand that plans can be changed and ready to reschedule your move or delivery.

Terms & Conditions

Where I can see all terms and conditions?

Our company follow terms and conditions: services terms, moving terms. Please read it carefully.

What is my privacy policy for using this website?

You can find it here: CCPA, Privacy Policy.

What items your company do not carry?

We do not move: Hazardous Materials, Aerosol Cans, Ammonia, Ammunition, Car Batteries, Charcoal And Lighter Fluid, Chemistry Sets, Cleaning Solvents, Darkroom Chemicals, Fertilizer, Fire Extinguishers, Fireworks, Fuels And Oils, Household Batteries, Kerosene, Liquid Bleach, Loaded Guns, Matches, Nail Polish, Paint Thinners, Paints And Varnishes, Pesticides, Poisons, Pool Chemicals, Propane Tanks, Scuba Tanks, Sterno Fuel, Weedkiller, Perishables, Food Without Adequate Preservation, Frozen Food, Open or Half-Used Foods And Sauces, Plants, Produce, Refrigerated Foods.

What If I have further questions?

If you have any question please contact us!

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Phenomenal job

Nathaly P., moving from San Mateo, CA
Bystroff Moving Quote

Bystroff team made it incredibly pleasant

Erin B., local moving services in Oakland, CA

Moving is never much fun, but the Bystroff team made it incredibly pleasant! They were fast and careful. On top of that everyone on the team was a joy to talk to. Price can't be beat either. All around I can't recommend them highly enough. If you're looking for movers, look no further. This is who I'll choose every time!

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This team hustled and still had our minds at ease

Shaun V., moving Bay Area to Temecula

These hours were awesome every step of the way. My wife and I were moving long distance from Northern to Southern California. I will certainly be recommending them and when the time comes to move again we will certainly reach out to them first! Thank you!

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Crew helped us get settled into our new home, and we are forever appreciative

Summer S., long-distance movers in Sacramento

We recently moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento and Bystroff was so amazing! Their virtual consultation was convenient and quick. They arrived on time and ready to work. They moved quick and were very respectful with our belongings. They were able to get us out and into our new place well within the time and pricing they quoted us. They were kind, efficient, flexible and everything we could have asked for. We would hire them again in a heartbeat!

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Very happy with their services

Kathy K., moving from Pleasanton to Carlsbad, CA

They did a great job! I moved from the east bay down to SoCal. Even with some challenges they had, they figured it out and quickly solved the problem without any impact to my timing and no change in his moving quote. There is a good company standards and truly backs them up! No surprises and they were very accommodating to anything I needed their help with! Very happy with their services! And I have moved many times, hiring movers. This was by far my best experience.

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Highly recommend trusting them with your move

Monique Y., local moving in San Francisco

We hired Bystroff Moving Co and they were incredibly helpful, clear communication and diligent with our move. They wrapped everything and made sure to take care of our fragile furniture. We were so impressed! Anytime our friends move in the Bay Area we always recommend them.

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This team Rocks!

M N., local moving in San Jose, CA

They loaded all contents of our 2 storage units in the truck like a well oiled machined. It was like watching a game of Tetris. They literally used up all available space on the truck. I was always kept in the loop on their progress.